DIY Install Vinyl Siding by Yourself ?

When you think about installing vinyl siding, what comes to mind? A big job that’s going to take weeks and cost thousands of dollars? If so, it might surprise you to learn that it’s possible to cut the substantial cost of vinyl siding installation by nearly 50 percent—if you’re willing to do the work yourself.

If you want to install vinyl siding yourself, you’ll find that most of the work is similar to installing wood siding. The main difference is that vinyl siding doesn’t need to be nailed or screwed into place. Instead, it’s held in place with clips and other fasteners.

This means that you can install vinyl siding on uneven surfaces without having to worry about damaging your walls. And it also makes the job faster if you have a lot of windows, doors and other openings that need to be cut out of the wall.
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Benefits of a Vinyl Siding Fence

Many owners of private houses and cottages do not buy fences, but make them with their own hands. Most choose vinyl siding based on the following advantages:

Aesthetic appeal - a large selection of siding makes it possible to make a fence in a style that best suits the tastes of the owner of the site.
Weather resistance - practice shows that vinyl siding perfectly tolerates rain, frost and does not fade in bright sunlight.
Easy to care for - a vinyl siding fence does not require painting, and dust and dirt are washed off it with ordinary rain.
Ease of installation - you can do it yourself, which allows you to get a fence at a price that is quite affordable for a person with an average income.
Long life - Vinyl siding manufacturers claim their products are designed to last 50 years.

Installing Vinyl Siding: DIY Guide

The basic steps for installing vinyl siding include:

  1. Measure and mark where your new siding goes;
  2. Cut out the old siding (if necessary);
  3. Install the new boards;
  4. Trim out any gaps with flashing tape.

Tools you Need for Vinyl Siding Installation

The only tools you really need for installing vinyl siding are a hammer, screwdriver, tape measure and level. You may also want some clamps or a pair of pliers for holding pieces together while they dry or cool after installation.

The first step in installing new vinyl siding is removing your existing siding if necessary. Vinyl siding comes in panels that are usually around 10 feet long by 4 feet high (3 m x 1 m). You can remove these panels one at a time by snapping them off with a hammer, but this will probably take longer than simply cutting them out with a saw or skill.

Vinyl Siding Installation Steps

  1. You need to mark the points where the support pillars will be located - they must be placed at an equal distance from each other.
  2. At each point, using a hand drill, drill a hole for a support post with a depth of at least 40in.
  3. In each hole, using a plumb line, it is necessary to install the pillars strictly vertically and pour concrete.
  4. After the concrete has hardened, fastening corners are welded to each pillar, on which, with the help of self-tapping screws, horizontal strips are fixed from above, below and in the middle.
  5. Vertical strips are fixed on horizontal strips in increments of 23-15 in.
  6. A starting bar is installed on the vertically located profile from below, from which the laying of the siding begins - the first panel is placed in it and fixed with self-tapping screws to the vertically located profile.
  7. Each subsequent plank is inserted into the grooves of the previous one and snapped into place - this way a solid canvas of the fence is obtained.
  8. At the end, a finishing bar is installed - before that, it is necessary to cut off the protruding ends of the vertical profile.

Final Words

Most home centers sell vinyl siding, and the materials come with fairly complete instructions. Plus, the tool requirements are also pretty modest. You don’t need a lot of expensive equipment or specialized skills; just some basic carpentry experience and some common sense will get you through it.
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09/12/ 2022
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